Birth Doesn't Have to be Scary

Andrea Rudy


I'll never forget what happened when I announced my first pregnancy.

A group of friends and I met to chat and catch up early one morning before work. They were all so happy for me and congratulated me on my news! Then they told me their stories....

We have all heard THE STORIES. From the moment we announce that we're expecting a new addition to our family, we're blasted from all sides with the war stories and traumatic experiences of all the women who have gone before us.

The difficult, sometimes heartbreaking stories of these women are important! Women should process and heal both physically and emotionally from their traumatic childbirth experiences. But I will always advocate that the vulnerable heart of a pregnant woman is never a healthy place for these stories to land.

Birth doesn't have to be scary. It can be seamless and dreamy, or things can take an unexpected turn. But there are no birth situations where fear should reign supreme. While every pregnant woman needs to become educated in possible scenarios, good and bad, it should always be coupled with education in avoiding these scenarios when possible, as well as preparing and later recovering in case the less-than-ideal scenario becomes unavoidable.

As my coworkers' fountains of negativity were showered upon me, I found I had two options. I could either receive fear and hold onto it, allowing it to live next to my birth plans and identifying with its chaos. Or I could show compassion to my friends in the moment and then let go of the story, say no to the spirit of fear, and re-establish my trust in God and the beautifully designed process he created in me.

And the specific areas of pregnancy and childbirth that I became anxious and worried about? I researched the heck out of those. Fear is often of the unknown, so I prepared myself for anything and found that the anxiety seemed to melt away, replaced with confidence.

This is the power of education. This is why I do what I do. My greatest desire for you is to enter your childbirth journey with joy and confidence, prepared on every level for whatever comes your way. Birth isn't guaranteed to be perfect, but I do believe it can be peaceful - in any situation. Start a childbirth class with me today! Explore my upcoming classes here, or message me to put together a custom, private class that we can start right away!