Five Essentials for My Home Birth Bag

Andrea Rudy

5/4/20232 min read

Should you pack a bag if you're having a home birth? After all, everything you need should be there in your home, right?

Maybe, but I think it's still a good idea to have a few essentials "packed", or at least set aside in a room of your home, so they'll be at hand immediately when you want them. No one will need to search for these things - they will all be in one place!

I love the idea of you and your husband packing your "birth bag" together. It can be a fun activity and bonding time as you talk through what your home birth will be like. Later he'll know exactly where to find these items for you when you need them.

1 - Birth Plan
No matter where your birth location is, you should have a written, printed birth plan ready. Include important preferences you have for your birth experience such as frequency of cervical exams and monitoring, any equipment (like a TENS unit) you would like to use, who you want to catch your baby, etc. I provide you with a birth plan template and walk you through planning it in my birth classes!

2 - Blankets and Towels
Keep a stack of clean, dry blankets and towels at the ready. There will be times during and after birth your provider will want to utilize these. Clean towels are a must if you plan to have a water birth!

3 - Clean Clothes for After Birth
Whenever you feel ready, after you give birth you'll want to have clean clothes ready to slip on. A soft robe or nightgown, warm socks, and maybe even a comfortable bralette, will make you feel comfortable and refreshed after labor.

4 - Sanitary Pads or Adult Diapers
Grab a supply of pads or diapers at the store several weeks before your due date, and keep them in an easy-to-reach spot in your bedroom or bathroom. Don't worry too much about how you'll look - you'll have way more value for comfort and practicality when the time comes!

5 - Birth Ball
This item may not fit in a bag, but it's important to have it close by. Many women like to utilize an exercise ball or a peanut ball for different positions during labor, and your provider will want to know exactly where it is when you need it. This applies to other comfort measures you may want to use like a rebozo, birth stool, or squatting bar.

What about you? What items would you add to this list?