Five Tips for Cloth Diapers

My top recommendations for beginning cloth diapering.

Andrea Rudy

3/1/20232 min read

There's been a resurgence of cloth diapers in the last decade, and I love it!

Cloth diapering has a lot of benefits:

  • Cloth diapers don't fill up landfills with difficult to break down materials.

  • The breathable fabrics are more gentle on baby's skin and you'll see fewer diaper rashes.

  • They're less expensive (in the long run).

  • Potty training may come more easily down the road.

  • And let's face it, cloth diapers are way cuter than disposable.

I hope my tips can help you as you get started!

1. Install a bidet. You can thank me later. This is non-negotiable in my opinion, and will make your entire cloth diapering journey easier, less messy, and less stinky between wash days! You don't need to get a new toilet either - just find a simple handheld sprayer kit and attach it to your toilet's tank!

2. Get all the same brand and style. This one's debatable, but in my experience it's best to worry about separate maintenance routines or dryer settings, and no need to consider which diaper in your stash has better absorption, etc. It's tempting to try lots of different kinds, but in the end you'll want the consistency in your routine.

3. Use the brand's wash suggestions. There are so many factors going into your wash routine, including the type of material, the detergent you use, and even the type of washing machine you have. Rather than getting overwhelmed with the plethora of suggestions all over the internet, start by simply following your diaper brand's specific instructions.

4. Invest in adjustable diapers. This is the beauty of cloth diapers. I know all the adjustable snaps look confusing, but with a little practice you'll be able to use your one-size diapers efficiently, and you'll save so much money in the next couple of years!

5. Try to find second hand. If you can find a used lot of diapers that still have life left in them, you've hit the jackpot! Check that any elastic is still nice and stretchy, that any velcro still sticks well, and that everything looks (and smells) well-maintained. You'll want to do a strip and several thorough washes before using them as well. You can always supplement with brand new inserts or shells from the same brand if you need to add to the stash you find!

What about you? What are some suggestions or words of advice you would add to my list?