Hi! I'm Andrea.

Andrea Rudy

9/22/20231 min read

Hello, friends!

I’m Andrea, a certified childbirth instructor in the Fort Collins, Colorado area. Truth is my passion, and these are the ways I share it:

  • Evidence based birth education - I believe it’s possible for women to experience a beautiful, physiological birth in any environment. I want to work with you through education and support so you can have that opportunity!

  • Equal rights awareness for all babies - Life is worth protecting at every stage of development, inside and outside the womb. Life begins at conception!

  • Speaking biological reality - Boys = boys and girls = girls. My language will always reflect that reality.

  • Sharing Biblical family values - Truth is absolute, and God is the author of it. God’s best plan for family is a complete, nuclear unit - just the way He designed it!

If you're ready to start a childbirth class that aligns with your values, you can see all the current classes I'm offering here! I offer in-person classes in Northern Colorado, and online classes for anyone in any location!