How I Beat Mastitis

(Without Antibiotics)

Andrea Rudy

10/16/20231 min read

I got mastitis and almost had a bacterial infection a few weeks ago! My milk supply was still regulating and I got engorged overnight. The next day nursing was very painful and a wedge-shaped red patch appeared. Oh no!

Protocols have changed and we now know that mastitis is more of an inflammation issue than a “milk plug” issue. We now treat the inflammation and use a very gentle approach - no more hot showers, hard massaging, and rough pumping!

Through past experience, I knew I needed to treat the inflammation in my breast immediately before I got fever/flu-like symptoms! With the help of my amazing doula, this is the protocol I began that KICKED that mastitis to the curb - without resorting to antibiotics!

- Garlic is a powerful antibacterial through the properties of “allicin”. Allicin is released in garlic when it is crushed. Crush a clove, remove the peel, then mince it. (Whole cloves or only minced will not have as strong of an effect.) Put it in a spoon and swallow it with a lot of water! I ate one entire clove of garlic this way every two hours for 48 hours.

- Sunflower Lecithin changes the viscosity of breastmilk. You could say that it “thins it out”. When your milk ducts are inflamed they become swollen, and lecithin is helpful in keeping things moving freely and protecting you from engorgement.

Add in lots of:

- Hydration

- Rest

- Cold compress for comfort

You'll have a winning recipe against that dreaded bacterial infection!

Other things that can be very helpful, but I recommend consulting an IBCLC or care provider before trying:

- Lymph drainage massage

- Ibuprofen

- In some cases, antibiotics may become necessary

Save this post for later, just in case you end up needing it someday!