How I'm Boosting My Oxytocin

Andrea Rudy

8/6/20231 min read

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that’s released in huge amounts during labor and breastfeeding. But that’s not the only role it plays! Oxytocin is also at work in women’s sexual activity, social recognition, bonding, and overall maternal behaviors.

I am 37 weeks pregnant, so as I get closer to my birth I’m giving myself allllll the oxytocin boosts to prepare myself for a bonding, maternal experience with my baby. It’s incredible how uniquely God has designed my female body! Here are some of the ways I like to release a little oxytocin:

  • Sunshine - I love getting outside, breathing fresh air, soaking in a little vitamin D, and enjoying creation!

  • Movement - I may not be working out at this point in pregnancy, but stretching, walking, biking, or playing with my toddler is just what I need right now.

  • Baking - Maybe this is just my nesting instinct, but baking is one of the most relaxing activities ever for me! It fills my heart with love!

  • Worship - Listening to worship music has brought me peace and helped me connect with Jesus in a special way as I prepare to give birth.

  • Snuggles - Life is busy but I’m taking every opportunity to snuggle with my toddler these days. This is also a beautiful time to intentionally bond with my husband - in lots of different ways!

  • Positive Stories - Late in pregnancy I find that I’m more emotionally vulnerable to the stories I hear. So I’m choosing to listen to or read positive birth experiences and stories only right now. This doesn’t invalidate the difficult stories that also need to be told! But I need to protect my mind and heart during this season.

What are some things you like to do to boost your oxytocin?