I Believe in You

Andrea Rudy

3/20/20231 min read

In case no one else has told you this yet,

YOU CAN give birth naturally.

If going through labor without pain medication is what you really want, it actually doesn’t matter what your “pain tolerance” is.

It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a “pushover” type person.

It doesn’t matter if someone told you that you wouldn’t be able to “handle” it.

And it doesn’t matter if you did it differently last time.

I firmly believe any woman can give birth unmedicated. I’m not saying that to hype you up or give you a little positivity boost - I actually believe it with all my heart.

So if you’ve just been needing even one person who believes in you, let that person be me!

First, know that you can. Then, equip yourself to know how. I would love to walk with you through your journey of learning and planning for the beautiful experience of unmedicated birth. Click here to view all my current childbirth classes!

P.S. To the mamas who don't have unmedicated birth as part of your plan -I believe in you, too! No matter the route, giving birth is not easy. But I believe you have what it takes, no matter what your experience will look like! A separate post for you is coming soon.