Andrea Rudy

8/17/20231 min read

My family has some very exciting news we’d like to share with you…

Meet Azariah! Born Thursday, August 17

I had manageable contractions every 30-45 minutes all day Thursday. I kept my usual routine, went to a chiropractor appointment and an appointment with my midwives, rested, made dinner, and spent a little extra time with Peter. We went to bed, trying to get some sleep. Then my water broke at 10pm, and everything went very quickly after that! We arrived at the birth center at 11pm, had very intense labor in the birth tub, and at 11:57 Azi was born. I caught him in the water, the most amazing experience.

We were back home in bed by 4am, this time with the most precious little gift in our arms - Azariah! Big brother Peter got to meet his new, lifelong best friend as soon as he woke up that morning.

Azi is so blessed and so loved. His name means “God has helped”. We know God has very wonderful plans for his life!

For now, we are mostly eating and sleeping the days and nights away, getting in plenty of snuggles and skin to skin time. I’m pretty quiet on social media for a little while still, but I wanted to share this special news with you today. Stay tuned, as I’m sure I’ll share all of my birth story with more details soon!