It Should be Second Nature

The point of practicing.

Andrea Rudy

1/27/20231 min read

Have you ever wondered why we practice the same things over and over in birth class? Why do we go over the same relaxation affirmations, positions and movements, pain management techniques, and support tools so many times?

Because sometimes you won't know what feels right until you're in the middle of it.

You might not know if you'd like your husband to speak encouragement or if you want him to be still, until he tries it first.

You may not realize if you're most comfortable pushing in a runner's lunge or side-lying, until you give it a try.

You might need to decide if you will accept or decline an unexpected intervention. You won't know for sure until you've arrived at that point.

Active labor, where time and existence become warped and foggy, is the last place you should be learning something new. Hip squeezes, deep squats, helpful phrases, physiology and relaxation should be second nature already. You and your husband should know these things inside and out going into labor. Then you won't need to wrack your brain searching for the correct position or the right words - you'll already have the tools you need to proceed.

Birth classes are equally important for both mom and dad. You're in this together as a team, and you each have your role to play in the process! Together you'll learn how to relax, different positions and pain management methods, what to expect in each stage of labor, and how to make informed decisions as a family. Find out what else is included in each of my birth classes - click here!