Just Found Out You're Pregnant?

Go ahead and invest in these 4 things now...

Andrea Rudy

2/17/20231 min read

Did you just get a positive test? Congratulations! Here are 4 things to invest in now that you will be so grateful for down the road.

Water Bottle - During the course of your pregnancy, your fluid volume will increase by 2-3 pounds and your blood volume will increase by 3-4 pounds. That's a lot of liquid! Start supporting your body now by getting into healthy hydration habits early. Treating yourself to a pretty, new water bottle will help!

Pregnancy Pillow - Many pregnant women love to use a body pillow at night. As your joints become more relaxed and your body begins to change, you'll be surprised how soon you'll need the extra support! See if any of your friends have one you can try out to make sure it will be a good fit before you buy.

Maternity Clothes - Don't fight the inevitable - embrace your beautifully changing body and look for a few maternity items that are cute and comfortable. If you start looking now for items that will be in season in about six months you may even find some great sales!

Birth Education Classes - There's no better time to start researching and learning. Your pregnancy and birth are a pinnacle moment of your life, and will impact your entire motherhood journey. Don't put it off! You may even be ready for a comprehensive course - check out my virtual classes here!

What was one of the first things you got when you found out you were pregnant?