My Best Parenting Advice Is... not take parenting advice from me!

Andrea Rudy

11/15/20222 min read

This one time, don’t take it from me!

I’ve only been a parent for a little over a year. I have many opinions and my husband and I are following a very intentional approach with our son. But we haven’t seen all the fruit from our labor yet! So of course I can’t recommend my way of parenting yet.

You may have noticed all the different parenting styles and wide variety of advice on social media and blogs. This discussion can be more than a little controversial, BUT we all have one thing in common - wanting what’s best for our kids!

What we don’t need are lots of extreme assumptions and reactionary opinions. I’m sure we all share with the best of intentions, but the ideas coming from parents of very young children are still largely untested.

So how do new parents decide on a parenting approach?

First, take some time with your spouse to see if you’re on the same page. Talk through each of your viewpoints and ideas, expectations, personal backgrounds, and goals for the future. Each of you should have equal consideration and input! You’ll continue this conversation for as long as your children live under your roof.

Then, find real life examples - veteran parents who have balanced, Godly advice that’s been tried and tested for many years with positive results in their own children.

  • Your parents and grandparents

  • Your husband’s parents and grandparents

  • Friends or family with older children

  • Your pastors

  • Middle aged couples from your church

  • Trusted Christian leaders

Here’s my personal criteria for finding someone who I would go to for parenting advice. 1) I genuinely enjoy being around their kids, and 2) I see the fruits of the Holy Spirit in their kids’ lives. (Galatians 5:22-23)

A few of my favorite parenting resources are from older, reputable Christian leaders who have raised incredible kids. They have written books that I love, including James Dobson of Focus on the Family and Mike and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries. Maybe you will find them helpful as well!