My Number One Tip

Giving birth at a birth center or hospital?

Andrea Rudy

10/24/20220 min read

If your goal is to give birth with no pain intervention and you're having an out-of-home birth, my number one tip for you is to labor at home as long as you can!

Waiting until you're farther along in labor has a few benefits -

  • When you're at home you'll feel the most relaxed and comfortable, which tells your body that it's safe to continue labor.

  • By the time you get to your destination, your body might be far enough along that the new location and new people won't slow the process down.

  • Many of the interventions offered in a hospital setting are offered because a provider may feel your labor is "taking too long". If the majority of your labor happens before you arrive, your provider will be less inclined to speed things up.

Talk through your plan with your provider! They may recommend the 5-1-1 rule to know when you should head to the hospital or birth center. This is when you're having a contraction every 5 minutes, each lasting at least 1 minute, and this pattern has continued for at least 1 hour.

Or you may prefer to be led by intuition. This is when you have a feeling that it's a good time to get in the car and go, or when you feel that laboring at the hospital or birth center would be more peaceful than staying home.

This is just one tip for you to have a beautiful birth experience - I have so many more for you! Whether you're planning on giving birth at a hospital, birth center, or at home I have a personalized childbirth class for you! Check out my private classes available right now - click here!