It's In Our Nature

Finding joy in the unexpected.

7/5/20221 min read

It is in our nature to want control. If only we could control our circumstances, our environment, or even the people around us, then we could be happy. Right?

But we can’t control everything. Sometimes the unplanned, unexpected, unwanted thing happens. But what if true joy isn’t to be found in a perfectly arranged world where everything goes just how we planned? Joy - true, deep, lasting joy - comes from knowing we’ve done our best with what we’ve got.

- It’s in thanking God for the gift we’ve been given when we’re crouched over the toilet with a bout of morning sickness.

-It’s in the surrender of suddenly planning a hospital birth for a breech baby, when you’d planned a water birth at home.

-It’s in a whispered prayer for strength when you’re feeding your newborn for the fifth time tonight, having barely slept at all.

-It’s in having patience for the times when it seems our spouse is blissfully unaware of our difficulties.

Mamas, this is our season. Learn what you can, work hard to do things well. But when it’s out of your control, sit back, re-group, and do the best you can with what you’ve got. You were made for this!

What is something in pregnancy, birth or postpartum that’s unexpectedly brought you joy?