Let's Talk About Fear

Arm your brain with knowledge, and your heart with peace.

Andrea Rudy

6/20/20221 min read

Hey, pregnant mama. Let’s talk about fear.

Has anyone been telling you their birthing horror stories? Have you been listening to scary labor and delivery podcasts, or reading the terrifying experiences of other mamas in your Facebook groups?

If these things have been filling your heart with fear, I’m here to give you permission to STOP LISTENING.

It is important to be educated and have realistic expectations. But when you are pregnant it’s very difficult to compartmentalize information, and very easy to become anxious.

We know that:
Fear = tense = pain
Peace = relaxed = comfort

So as you prepare for your birth, learn from the stories that are positive, hopeful and healing. Listen to the friends who encourage and support you instead of adding to your worries. Guard your heart against fear!

How do you replace those anxious thoughts with peaceful ones? For me, baking, snuggling my pup, and listening to worship music relaxes me and brings me peace! So does knowing that I’m educated and informed.

What are some ways that you like to pursue peace?