What is Vernix?

Did you know your baby makes their own lotion?

Andrea Rudy

8/25/20221 min read

Did you know your baby makes their own lotion?

It’s called vernix, and it’s amazing stuff! It’s a combination of water, fatty acids, and proteins. Some babies are born with very little and some are born with a lot!

  • Vernix is a moisturizing barrier for baby’s skin while they’re inside the womb and for several days after birth.

  • Vernix helps baby regulate their body temperature after birth by reducing evaporation of water from the skin - something that normally cools the body down.

  • Vernix has antibiotic properties that boost baby’s personal skin microbiome. This is a defense mechanism against harmful microbes!

No need to wash or wipe off this waxy coating off! It will be absorbed into baby’s skin after a day or two. If you would like your baby’s vernix to be left undisturbed, add this request to the birth plan you give to your provider!