A Little Like Sourdough

Allowing the process to unfold.

Andrea Rudy

7/15/20221 min read

Anybody else baked a few loaves of sourdough recently? Yep, you’d better believe I jumped on that pandemic sourdough train, too!

Imagine it like this…

You’ve got your sourdough starter, magical and bubbly, ready to go. You add your ingredients, carefully measuring and weighing, then for the next few hours you diligently stretch and fold, shape, and prepare.

Then what? You WAIT.

You wait, allowing the process of fermentation to do what it was created to do.

You can’t rush this step. You simply must allow the process to unfold.

Sure you could try a few things to speed it up. Maybe you could add instant yeast for faster results. But your bread wouldn’t really taste the same would it?

We provide the right environment and preparations for our sourdough bread to build something beautiful. Then, we step back and give it the time and space to do what it does best.

This is how we understand the physiologic process of growing and birthing a baby, too!

We can try to control the process - apply our own schedule to it, speed things up, force it to become predictable and convenient. But why not allow the process to unfold in the way it was made to? God created women’s bodies in the most miraculous, beautiful way. Our bodies are not broken - we can trust the design!

Now, if you’re like me, when you learned how to make sourdough you spent hours and hours researching, reading blogs, and watching Youtube videos (thank you, Farmhouse on Boone!). How much more do you think you should research and prepare for one of the greatest processes of your life - the birth of your baby?

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