You Are in Charge

What do you want to experience?

Andrea Rudy

9/2/20221 min read

Home or hospital, medicated or unmedicated, midwife or OB? Now that you're pregnant, all these decisions need to be considered.

None of these choices are inherently RIGHT or WRONG. The important thing is that YOU choose them. That YOU are in charge of your own birth.

You are a woman. Giving birth is a pinnacle moment in your life. My greatest hope for you is that you experience this journey joyfully and fearlessly! But while I'll do my best to help you become informed, the rest is up to you. Take your time and choose with care.

What do you want to experience?
With whom do you want to experience it?

And that's the beauty of it - YOU decide! Yes, even in the middle of the unexpected, you are still in charge of your own birth.

Choose peace.
Choose no regrets.
Choose awe.

What decisions are you needing to make right now? How will you align your decisions with your expectations?