Your Dream Birth

Imagining your labor and delivery.

Andrea Rudy

7/26/20221 min read

Close your eyes and picture yourself having your dream labor and delivery.

Imagine that your surroundings are comfortable, that you feel peaceful, and that you have perfect trust in everyone who is there with you.

In your imagination, pay attention to where you are. Who is there with you? Are there any noises in the background? What position are you in? Then write these observations down.

Your imagination is one way that your body connects to your mind. You may be getting clues about how your body wants to give birth!

In your imagined beautiful birth experience, did you notice -

  • If you were laboring in a room in your home? Or maybe in a hospital or birth center room?

  • Was the room dimly lit or bright and excited?

  • Were your spouse or friends there? Or maybe you were alone?

  • Were you walking and moving? Or perhaps you chose a position, like hands and knees, squatting, or lying down?

  • Were you laboring in a tub of water or the shower?

  • Were the background noises calm and quiet? Or cheerful and energizing?

While you may not be guaranteed this perfect imagined scenario, there will probably be some aspects that you can share with your provider and birth team so they can help you achieve them!

When I was pregnant, I imagined giving birth and noticed there was calm, acoustic worship music in the background. So I built a special playlist and was able to listen to it while I labored. And my intuition was right - those songs brought me incredible peace and relaxation during my labor!

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