The Daddy Instinct

Your spouse's role in birth.

Andrea Rudy

8/11/20221 min read

Parenting is a partnership. It begins at the moment of conception, and continues as long as your child is under your care.

As a pregnancy and birth account, I focus a lot on mama. Women are beautifully designed to grow and nurture their babies, and I love to learn more about that design! But did you know that your husband is created in unique ways for this journey as well?

Men have been given a powerful drive to provide and protect for their families. Women have been given an equally powerful drive to nurture. What combination could be more perfect to care for a baby together?

The perspective your spouse has may be different from yours. This doesn’t mean one of you is right and the other is wrong! Your views are meant to compliment one another.

You may find that dad is skeptical about the “natural” route, giving birth at home, or using a midwife rather than an OB. He needs to see hard facts and data - and that’s a good thing! His instincts are kicking in and he’s protecting you using the information he has. I encourage you to lean into his logic and reasoning! Because your husband is right - without facts and data, information is just an opinion.

There is no better partner to support you and advocate for you during labor than your husband. This role is perfectly suited to his provider instincts. When he has a job to do and understands how it will be helpful to you, he’ll lovingly and willingly set to work! Many are the new fathers who are exhausted and sore after supporting their wives through labor.

If you and your husband aren’t sure where to start learning about birth, I recommend the online Comprehensive Birth Class. As a couple, you’ll receive an evidence-based education that will give both of you the tools you need to have a beautiful birth. Click here to get started today!