Placentas Aren't Gross!

A beautiful design.

Andrea Rudy

7/19/20221 min read

Placentas aren’t gross!

They’re incredible.

Did you know…

-The placenta is a unique organ that your body creates inside your uterus just for your baby.

-The placenta starts to form as early as six days after fertilization.

-Your placenta provides all the nutrients and oxygen your baby needs in utero, through the umbilical cord.

-Fetal stem cells can be passed from baby to mama through the placenta, leaving a permanent imprint of your child inside you.

-Delaying cord clamping after birth encourages extra blood transfer from the placenta, boosting baby’s blood volume and iron supply significantly.

-After your baby is born, the placenta falls away from the uterine wall and is birthed in what is known as the third stage of labor.

The life of this incredible organ is now complete! If you become pregnant again, your body will create another completely unique placenta.

How beautiful is God’s design?