My Body is Not Failing

Don’t allow your disappointment to dictate your identity.

Andrea Rudy

9/12/20220 min read

While I may talk about physiological, informed birth and how to avoid unnecessary intervention, the reality is that sometimes intervention IS necessary. Sometimes the informed option IS to bypass our body’s process in order to keep mama and baby healthy and safe.

There is a time and place for everything. I’m so grateful for care providers who use their skills and knowledge to give that assistance when it is needed!

Maybe this was your experience. Maybe an unplanned induction, epidural, or c-section is part of your story. Perhaps your journey included a long hospital stay, less skin-to-skin time, supplementing with formula, or unexpected procedures.

If this describes your story, you need to know - you didn’t fail! You are wise and courageous no matter what path your birth journey took. Don’t allow your disappointment to dictate your identity.

Yes, there is an ideal scenario that I would love to equip you to experience. Let’s aim for that! But when something unexpected happens along the way, remember that your body is not broken and you have still been created to give birth. You’re going to make the best decisions you can with the information you’re given.

Your body is not a failure.