My Baby and I Are Working Together

Your baby is a part of you, literally.

Andrea Rudy

10/5/20220 min read

Something special happens when you begin carrying a baby in your womb.

Your body is providing your baby with everything they need to thrive. But that's not all that's happening! Your baby is also helping your body through an incredible process called microchimerism.

Soon after conception, cells containing the baby's DNA enter the mother's blood supply through the placenta. Some of these cells remain in her body. In fact, DNA from babies has been found in their mothers decades after pregnancy!

These fetal cells have been shown to transform into cells that are beneficial to the mother. Researchers have speculated that the cells in a mother's body that contain her baby's DNA may contribute to continuing gestational health, organ and wound healing, and milk supply after birth.

Your baby is a part of you, literally, for years.

The intimate connection you have with your baby helps you throughout birth!

  • Signals from the maturing of your baby's organs trigger the start of labor.

  • As your baby moves and descends during labor, you instinctively move through different positions in response.

  • After birth, your baby's suckling signals the placenta to release, which in turn signals your body to begin lactating.

Have you felt this connection with your baby during your pregnancy? What are some ways you've intentionally connected with your baby?