The Golden Hour

The moments after birth.

Andrea Rudy

7/9/20221 min read

This is me and my baby twenty minutes after I gave birth. What a special, intimate moment! I’ll never forget it!

For one or two hours after birth, having this uninterrupted skin-to-skin time is so important!

Some of the many benefits of the golden hour:

  • Baby’s body temperature and oxygen regulates

  • Baby is reassured and comforted by hearing mom’s familiar heartbeat

  • Mom and baby bond during the calm after the storm

  • Baby’s suckling instincts kick in as they discover mama’s breasts

  • Baby receives benefits of delayed cord clamping

  • Mama relieves benefits of a huge release of bonding love hormones (oxytocin, prolactin, and endorphins)

  • Mama births the placenta naturally

  • Mom and dad connect with one another and with baby, starting their parenting journey together with peace and celebration

Some care providers patiently allow for this hour or two after birth before examining baby and mama. But if you aren’t sure if yours will, add this to your birth plan and discuss it with them! Sometimes hospital staff can make things feel rushed, but you still have the option to request this calm, uninterrupted time.

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