Provider Red Flags

Are you in charge of your own birth?

Andrea Rudy

1/30/20231 min read

Let's talk about provider red flags. During appointments with your provider, watch for language or attitudes that convey the message that you are not in charge of your own birth.

Let every aspect of your birth be your decision. Even if something unexpected happens - you are still in control of your choices.

If your provider has made you feel that you have no options... it's time to find a new provider.

Red Flags:

  • Are your concerns or questions being dismissed, overruled, or even laughed off?

  • Is your provider pressuring you to make rushed decisions?

  • Do they use the words "allowed" or "not allowed" when discussing your wishes?

  • Are they giving you true and thorough informed consent?

  • Do you leave appointments feeling anxious and confused, or confident and informed?

It's never too late to find a new provider. And don't feel guilty for doing so - if you feel that your current provider is no longer your "cup of tea", odds are they feel the same way.

We talk about these red flags and more in my birth course, as well as helpful questions you should ask when searching for your provider. Want to see what’s included in my classes? Check our my current classes here!