Welcome Home, Little Son

Andrea Rudy

8/24/20231 min read

Our family is still very much wrapped up and floating along in this slow-moving newborn bubble. Little Azi is already growing and changing and I don’t want to forget this sweet season. I am tiptoeing through time without any hurry, and at the same time looking ahead with heart-pounding anticipation for what my baby will become. This is our era of growing family.

My birth experience was everything I hoped it would be. It was entirely undisturbed. It was direct and quick. It was beautiful. I would love to share the story with you in the coming weeks.

I can’t even measure the gratitude I have for my husband, Andy. There’s no one on earth with whom I am more united, and no place that is more evident than in childbirth.

Beautiful birth is my passion. I don’t believe my experience was lucky or unique to only my situation. It was the result of consistent preparation and educated decision making. And I don’t believe you have get lucky or be in the perfect situation to have a beautiful, physiological birth experience. This is within your reach, too!

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